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APPortfolio = APP + Portfolio


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To promote talented Asia youth through collaboratively publication, exhibitions and social projects.


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To create positive social energy through cutting-edge creativity



Message from Keith Wong, Chairman of APPortfolio




今年我們特別延伸「AAM」(APPortfolio Asia Member)年齡至35歲,秉持並堅信著集結的力量,橫跨多個亞洲國家,打造更強更專業的新銳平台。只因為我們深信人生的重點不在於有夢想,而是如何將年輕就萌芽的夢想達成。」



APPortfolio = APP+ Portfolio. "APP", derived from "Application Software (APP)", stands for "infectious tools"; it changes people’s life through its high-speed penetration and abundant reproduction model. "Portfolio" stands for "creator's resume"; we act to help you putting more impressive performance in your CV! We persist in approaching top-flight spaces, art galleries, enterprises, units and bookstores for you… and every opportunity your work to be exhibited, sold and collected will be your proud demonstration to the world!


This year in particular, we extend the "AAM" age to 35 years old, we uphold and firmly believe the power of collaboration, and push the boundaries across a number of Asian countries to create a stronger and more professional cutting-edge platform. We act only because we believe that life is not only about to have a dream, but how to reach your dream, your youth’s dream.






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APPortfolio於今年五月落成大型藝術空間,成立潮流運動品牌URBANCROXX。 URBANCROXX是APPortfolio旗下藝術與運動訓練的結合,其U.C


• 八大類別集資出版,實現您出書夢想 • 海外曝光,於香港、台灣和中國內地書店上架 • 企業及編輯部免費索取,聯繫方式直接曝光


為了您的權利,請詳閱以下注意事項: 此名單非AAM名單,獲選者需完成入書手續方可取得AAM資格 您將於10月21日前收到獲選確認電郵






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APPortfolio presents selected brands and corporates the opportunity to associate themselves with Asia’s leading international young artist platform. With a significant high net worth audience from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and across the world attending, APPortfolio is an unrivalled opportunity to put your brand in front of the elite within the uniqueness of APPortfolio.

We would now like to invite brands that are interested in becoming a partner of Asia's leading young art event to contact us.


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