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每年,「亞洲青年創作平台」(APPortfolio)均會挑選亞洲最具代表性的百多位新銳(35歲或以下),結集成書出版並開展「AAM」(APPortfolio Asia Member)專屬的創意活動,對外展示今日亞洲突飛猛進的思想新動力。本年度平台跨越兩岸四地、日本、韓國、馬來西亞,莫視語言的限制,召集各界藝術和設計新銳,以各種符號帶來一場又一場的文化盛宴。回顧過往,驚喜不絕,包括完成多場講座交流,如台灣設計師週、高雄設計節、誠品書店及廣州方所等文化聖地,亦包括與《週末畫報》及《新視線》合辦的全國大學巡迴講座,落地復旦大學上海視覺藝術學院、清華大學美術學院、中央美術學院、廣州美術學院、廣州萊佛士設計培訓學院、深圳大學、中國美術學院上海分院等一線學府,探討青年成名之路及其背後的深層願境,誘發創作者思考創作成長與社會責任密不可分的互生關連。




為了讓計劃具標竿效應,定期邀請多位國際知名大師參與作品點評與專訪活動,向書中「AAM」予以意見,分享衷懇的成長歷程,包含靳埭強、梁美萍、李永銓、麥家碧、王天仁、楊志超、葉智榮、鄧達智、蕭青陽、姚瑞忠和全會華等人,以及本屆陳幼堅,謝榮雅,又一山人,郭英聲,李明道,王粵飛,謝鋒及張善夫。同時亦與多個國際知名品牌合作,包括ABSOLUTE VODKA、ZIPPO和TOPSHOP等。自平台創辦以來,外界響應非凡,現已成為推動亞洲新銳的先鋒舞台。




2012年平台共完成五個展覽,場地跨及香港、上海、高雄及廣州。當中有平台主題展「三位藝體」(Trinity Exhibition)及「ACCP Project」(Art x CSR x Charity x Public)系列展。「三位藝體」為平台年度大型展覽,集合平台「AAM」,以巡迴形式融入各城市角落,展品包含多件繪畫,攝影,產品及服裝等作品,喚起社會發掘亞洲新星的意識,並鼓舞當代重視社會責任的培育,本展先後落地於高雄設計節駁二藝術特區、廣州太古匯「方所」與香港購物藝術館K11。


 「ACCP Project」系列展以 「WHAT IF LOVE IS BLIND 如果愛情是盲目」為題, 聯手國際慈善組織奧比斯、「AAM」、亞洲重量級大師,即香港名聞國際的Wing Shya與Felix So,日本大師米原康正及台灣攝影教父林炳存等多位前輩,與新銳同手推動社會責任,以藝術攝影手法引發觀眾對眼疾人士內心世界的瞭解,並以拍賣形式進行籌款,展覽首站落腳上海會德豐國際廣場。


APPortfolio is a bridge between artists and the mass market.


Having witnessed the unfavorable circumstances young people are facing with, we carried out the AAM(APPortfolio Asia Member)project which engages in collecting works of young artists/designers below the age of 35 establishing publication & exhibition team across Asia.


The idea was generated in Hong Kong. We select hundreds talented young artists annually from different regions and art domains with the deadline of September. Such catalogues are fashion design, illustration, photography, etc. The yearly publication APPortfolio and the Trinity exhibition will present the selected works along with each artist’s profile, serving as a channel of expression and communication.


In order to make the plan more constructive, we also includes interviews with world famous designers, photographers and popular illustrators, who could inspire the AAM by giving them good advice and sharing their own experiences.


Furthermore, we cooperates occasionally with public media, enterprises and charity, together with the AAM, focusing on specific social issue and come up with an artistic project on the theme of Art x CSR x Charity x Public. First, it is a way of undertaking our responsibility to the community. Secondly, by solving the problem, it gains an opportunity to propagate youth creativity as well.






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APPortfolio presents selected brands and corporates the opportunity to associate themselves with Asia’s leading international young artist platform. With a significant high net worth audience from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and across the world attending, APPortfolio is an unrivalled opportunity to put your brand in front of the elite within the uniqueness of APPortfolio.

We would now like to invite brands that are interested in becoming a partner of Asia's leading young art event to contact us.


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