香港K11-Mobile APPortfolio:狀態封存——郭潔渝《實物掃描》作品系列精選

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APPortfolio Asia Member 藝術家精選




郭潔渝,1986年生於台灣, 2008年畢業於世新大學廣播電視電影學系電影組,同年以實物掃描作品系列入選第一屆室內光聯展。。曾以實驗電影肆月壹日入圍2009年第三十一屆金穗獎/影展,平面攝影作品Eat Me Right Now入圍2011年法國PX3攝影比賽,平面攝影作品The Rite of Love and Death入圍2012年美國IPA攝影大賽。郭氏現於台北生活與工作。






Guo Jieyu (b. 1986, Taipei, Taiwan) graduated in 2008 from Shin Hsin University’s Department of Radio, Television and Film. It is also the same year that, Guo’s work was selected to feature in the Interior Light Year Co-Exhibition. Her short experimental video, “April 1”, was selected to compete for the 31st Golden Award in 2009, whilst her photographical work “Rite of Love and Death” was in the finals in the IPA Photo Match in the United States. She is now based in Taipei.


This showcase displays 10 representative works from Guo’s “Scan Object” – her longest working project. Guo scanned a variety of perishable or fragile objects, such as votive flowers, Chinese medicine, cotton candy, crushed film can, animal toy, eggshell etc., with the flatbed scanner that her father purchased for her back when she was still a university student so that she can preserve the evanescent existence of the items as a way to reflect the need for people to treasure what they have.


The difference between scanned objects and photography is that the scanned images appear to be opposite images of what we see. As the scanned object is in complete contact with the scanner’s flat bed while its light bar scans through it, the resulting image is often shown to be more a substantial existence more concrete and true than a camera image.


About Mobile APPorfolio「流動藝術展」


Mobile APPortfolio「流 動藝術展」聯手知名藝術空間合作,將亞洲新銳作品擺入公眾視野,讓藝術進入可呼吸的公共空間。青年藝術家在發展過程中,大量曝光是重要的,因此,將他們的 創作放入公共空間有著深遠的意義。計劃概念為通過作品流通機制,新人創作能真正融入日常生活,提高能見度,並被潛在收藏家、藝術愛好者及策展人發現,擴展 其曝光和發展空間,並提高國內外市場對亞洲新人的重視與支持。


Mobile APPortfolio is a traveling art feast aimed to bring young art into the public area by cooperating with well-known art venues in Asia. By presenting the cutting-edge art works from mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia, showcasing the art pieces to the public and even potential art collectors and curators and thus increasing exposure of the artists.



地點:香港K11藝術購物館 Showcase



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