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 對於參加者  For Participant 

APPortfolio offers a platform where young creators can be recognized by the public and exchange their experiences and studies. Through this platform, individual works by AAM will be extended to larger market.


 對於參與大師  For Engaged Masters 


APPortfolio represents the era of young designs, we inspire and encourage young artist by joint projects and comments from masters, aimed to fulfill our social responsibilities in the education for future pillars.


  對於設計/藝術業界 For Industry


APPortfolio provides a platform for the industry and the public to have a better conception about the condition of new creators and the ecological changes of contemporary young creative works.


 對於合作單位  For Collaborating Units


APPortfolio provides pluralistic, diversified and creative ideas/artists. Units can seek for their suitable creators for collaboration through the publication and exhibition of the platform, in order to enhance the brand value.


  對於社會  For Society


APPortfolio strives to express the appeal towards the situation that some people in non -design field do not have an exact idea about the discrete and long process designer have to go through. APPortfolio works on enhancing people‘s respect to design industry and enriching their understanding about this field.


  對於社區  For Community


APPortfolio aims to build a harmonious society by setting up a bridge between AAM and mass market. The action roots in the idea of improving peoples living standard and solving issues through the power of creativity. While we pursue our personal fulfillment, we also undertake our civic duty as a part of the society.


  對於政府  For Government


APPortfolio promotes artistic spirits of different areas, encourages young designers and motivates creators fulfillment of social responsibilities. APPortfolio can be a tool which presents the dynamism of the country and the communication with the society.


  對於團隊及義工 For Volunteers


Based on the utilization of ability, time and connection, APPortfolio sets up a platform for dreamers and provides meaningful, goal-oriented and challenging work opportunities. 





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APPortfolio presents selected brands and corporates the opportunity to associate themselves with Asia’s leading international young artist platform. With a significant high net worth audience from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and across the world attending, APPortfolio is an unrivalled opportunity to put your brand in front of the elite within the uniqueness of APPortfolio.

We would now like to invite brands that are interested in becoming a partner of Asia's leading young art event to contact us.


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